Fire Water - R.Massey

    The term “fire water” has been used to describe a very dangerous and even toxic beverage. Yearly it is consumed by billions of people around the world. When consumed straight from the bottle it burns the sensitive tissues of the mouth, throat and stomach. It is so strong it is often diluted with sodas and fruit juices to make the horribly strong taste more palatable. It is commonly known as whiskey.
            Perhaps you are not aware of this fact: wine, beer and all liquors contain ethyl alcohol, or ethanol; the same element is now being mixed with gasoline as fuel to burn in automobiles. This harsh chemical is actually toxic. When consumed in large quantities it can make people vomit, which is the indication that your body is being poisoned. It will destroy internal organs such as the vital liver which essential for life. If a person drinks too much alcohol at one time they can actually die from alcohol poisoning. This actually happens but since the news does not cover such deaths it is not a well known fact. Add to these factors that literally thousands are killed on the highways each and every year in fatal automobile accidents; while others are left maimed.
            The government makes cigarette manufacturers place warnings on their packaging concerning the dangers of smoking. Not so for users of alcohol. Thankfully God has given us warnings in his word. He warns that alcohol is a mocker and can bring awful consequences to our lives (Prov. 20:1; 23:29-35). He also teaches us that it can poison a person like the sting of a viper (Prov. 23:32). If anyone has seen the destruction of the soul through alcohol it is the God of heaven. In Proverbs 31:4-5 He mentions that it can pervert our thinking so that our decisions are unsound. I do not want that for me and I am sure you feel the same.
            The Christian is characterized as a person of soberness (Titus 2:10-12). He is a child of the day, not of the night; not a drinker but a person with a clear and rational mind (1 Thess. 5:4-8). Let us be thankful for God’s instructions about this deadly and dangerous beverage. No doubt many souls will not enter heaven because of alcohol and its effects. God wants His people to maintain a sober mind so that they can serve Him to the best of their abilities. We should be thankful that our dear Lord has given us these instructions in His word to lead us safely to His eternal home in heaven.

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