Full And Overflowing - R.Massey

The beautiful 23rd Psalm says in verse 5 “my cup runneth over.” I do not know how many blessings that you and I enjoy each day. No doubt we have literally thousands every single day and tens of thousands have been granted throughout our lives. I would like to borrow some thoughts from the pen of Tom Wacaster as we consider the incredible blessings we enjoy from God's generous hand.

Spiritual Blessings
            If you have a Bible you are more blessed that one third of the world’s population which do not have a copy of God’s word. They cannot read the way of salvation like you are able to do. If you have a sound congregation with which to worship you are blessed above half of the world’s population. They do not live near a body of God’s true church and have the blessing of sweet Christian fellowship. If you attend a church without fear of persecution, and threat of life you are better off than three billion people in the world. In many Muslim countries you would be persecuted, imprisoned or even die for being a Christian. For these precious blessings we should be most thankful to our heavenly Father.

Physical Blessings
            If you woke up in good health this morning you are better off than at least one million people each day who die of disease, starvation or lack of medical treatment. If you can read this message you are better off than one billion people who cannot read at all. If you have money in the bank or in your wallet you are among eight percent of the world’s wealthy. If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes in the closet and a roof over your head then you are richer than 75 % of the world’s population. If your parents are not divorced your family is one of the few that has not been affected by a wrecked home. We may even throw more food away in a day than many people have to eat in the same time frame.

One Response
            The appropriate way to respond is to get down upon your knees every single day and give generous thanks to our blessed heavenly Father for His generous and rich blessings (Philp. 4:6-7). It is He that has made our cups full and overflowing.
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