Humble Yourselves In the Sight of The Lord - R.Earl

The attribute of humility is one that every Christian should possess. We read over and over again how the “haughty” and “stiff necked” are contrary to God (2 Chro 30:8, Ps 18:27).
    Being humble leads us to selflessness. The humble person doesn’t exalt themselves but, because of their good works, others, including God exalt them (Jam 4:10). A person who is puffed up only desires to be exalted so that they can boast. A person who is humble desires only to do the works of God and IF they are exalted by others then so be it. We want to be humble and not haughty and we should not do things just so that others can see our works (Mt 6:2-4).
    Being humble leads a person to righteousness. A person who is truly humble will desire to do what God has commanded. One of the biggest obstacles for people is their pride. Sadly, many allow their pride to get in the way and, as a result, they refuse to obey God (Pro 16:18). A person who is humble will submit to the teachings of God and not reject them (Isa 30:10). Are we humble enough to obey God when we realize we are not following His Word?
    Being humble leads us to everlasting life. A person who is humble is willing and ready to repent when they realize they have committed sin. No doubt there are those who do not want to acknowledge that they have sinned. However, the proud cannot repent unless they humble themselves before God. Felix is a shining example of what happens when we are too proud to make ourselves right with God (Acts 24:25).
    By these three points we see that being humble causes a person to be a better worker for God, a better student of His Word, and causes us to be closer to God through our humble repentance. Do you have humility? Are we striving to have more humility?
    The Bible tells us Christ was humble for our sakes (Phil 2:8). Are we humble for the sake of the Kingdom of God?
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