Man's View Of God Is Extremly Important - R.Massey

Do you realize that your view of God will affect how you treat others?  
The Nazis. Adolf Hitler viewed God as non-existent. He accepted the theory of evolution which holds the idea of survival of the fittest. His armies killed millions of innocent men, women and children whom they deemed weak and inferior. He believed that not only could they do this, but in view of the evolutionary theory, they should do this. If his parents had taught him the Bible perhaps this dark period of history (1935-1945) could have been avoided.

The cannibal. In third world countries, tribes who live in remote areas can sometimes be cannibalistic or be dangerously hostile to outsiders. Even in our country a serial killer named Jeffery Dahmer cooked and ate some of his victims. Why would people act this way—kill and eat their victims? Simple—they have no understanding of God nor that man is made in God’s image (Gen. 1:26-27). Like Adolf Hitler, they do not understand that life is sacred. People who know the God of the Bible do not kill and eat strangers.

The abortionist. The further America moves away from the concept of God and minds are conditioned by the theory of evolution the more insensitive our citizens become to human life. Take note of the staggering numbers of abortions in America. Over fifty million babies have been killed in abortion clinics across our land since 1973 and the end is not yet in sight. It is a fact that the most dangerous place for Americans to live is not in Iraq or Afghanistan, but it is the unborn living in the mother’s womb.  People who know their Bibles will respect and safe-guard human lives in the womb.

The Ku Klux Klan. If man does not have a correct view of God, the lives of others are in constant danger. Take the Ku Klux Klan for an example. They claim to believe in God and some claim to be Christians. However, their ruthless shootings, bombings, hangings, burnings and drownings of people of color are well documented. At one time they would tar and feather anyone who spoke out against them. They view God as white and couldn’t be any other nationality than a red-neck American from the south. The right understanding of the word of God would put hate groups out of existence because it says that all men are the offspring of God (Acts 17:28).

People who believe that their ancient ancestors were monkeys will usually act accordingly.
Students of the New Testament will behave in a completely different way. Love, compassion, concern, help for the helpless, food for the hungry, assistance for the widow and fatherless, good to all will be seen of them.

How do you view God?
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