Such A Person Is Warped - R.Earl

 In Titus 3:10-11 we have these words recorded there for us: "Reject a divisive man after
the first and second admonition, knowing that such a person is warped and sinning, being
self-condemned." What do these words mean to us? Do we know individuals who are divisive?
Do we know a person who seems as if they are not happy unless they are stirring up trouble?
Sadly, there are some who feel that it's necessary to cause unneeded problems and heartache.
These individuals thrive on disputes and desire to see drama come from their efforts. These
people I personally refer to as "drama lovers." They do not seem happy unless there is a dispute, a dispute in which they caused and are in the midst of.
     These individuals are to be given only but a few chances to turn from their sinful ways.
Here we have it recorded as "after the first and second admonition." The word admonition can
be defined as a "mild but earnest rebuke." Here the idea is that it's done sternly but out of love
for the brother and for others who might have been affected by the ill done.
     We see the words in verse 10 "reject a divisive man." The idea is to refrain from being in
fellowship with such a person. Being divisive means this person is causing disagreement or
hostility within a group so that it is likely to split. We are to reject such a person. Why wouldn't
we? Who would really want to be around a person with such an evil and selfish spirit? This is
just the reason we are to "reject" them.
      As we continue to read in Titus 3:11, the Bible says "knowing that such a person is
warped and sinning." Notice the word "warped." The idea is a person who has deviated from the right way or has a mind that is perverted or twisted. This is the perfect way to describe such a person. Anyone who willfully seeks to cause division and heartache is "warped." This person has diverted from the right way, and their thinking is no longer logical. They are only concerned with their own desires and ideas. They only want to pull apart what is good, bring in their own way of thinking and their own logic.
     In verse 11, we also learn that the person is "sinning." Paul leaves no gray area here.
Such a person who is involved in these types of activities has been warped by their own desires
and is in sin. There is no other way to look at it. Nothing they do with their attitude and their
flawed way of thinking is right. They are in sin because of the problems they have created and
the problems that they desire to create.
     We also learn in verse 11 that such people are "self-condemned." They bring judgment
on themselves. The punishment they must endure is a product of their own actions and no one
Since this person is doing this by their own will, on their own accord, they must pay the price for
their actions by themselves, Thus they are “self-condemned."
     So what can we learn from this? Consider the words of Paul earlier in the chapter in verse
2, "to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing all humility to all men." These are
the qualities we are to possess, with the key words here being "to be peaceable." Those who are being divisive are not being peaceable but are the opposite of such. We should rebuke the
divisive man and exhort the righteous man. The man who is speaking evil of no one, being
peaceable, gentle, and who shows humility with all men should be exhorted. Paul clearly shows
us who to exhort and who to rebuke. We should be mindful of the "warped" minded and be
striving to be those who are spiritually minded instead, seeking what God wills and not going
beyond such. Let's not be like the divisive man, but let's be the righteous man who is fair minded.
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