To Which Call Do You Heed? - R.Massey

Turkey hunters use a call that sounds just like a female turkey. When the male bird (the gobbler) hears it he thinks it is a female bird. He is lured by the sound he hears and is completely unaware that it is really an ambush in which he will die. The gobbler cannot see the source of the sound, he can only hear it, but he comes to investigate the female bird he thinks is there. When the gobbler comes within range the hunter shoots him and takes him home for dinner.
Likewise, the devil uses many calls in this world to allure Christians away from following Christ. There is an amazing assortment of voices that call each and every day. These voices are very enticing, attractive, and effective.
The call of mammon. Jesus spoke of mammon when He said, “Lay not for yourselves treasures upon the earth...” and that “No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon” (Matthew 6:19, 24). Mammon refers the things of his world, i.e. riches, houses, lands, jewels, clothes, luxury items, etc. You know that the devil is going to use this call on you, don’t you? There have been many that have heard this call and like a gobbler they go running after mammon instead of putting spiritual matters first (Matt. 6:33). The devil has bagged many people with this call and these will he take home with him.
The call of man-made doctrines. The devil has multiplied thousands of false prophets in this world teaching every kind of doctrine imaginable (1 John 4:1). Every kind of sect is available and seeking to pull people into their fold. There are religious organizations that allow multiple wives, other groups permit gambling, drinking; and dancing. Some sectarian groups are extremely strict with dress codes (i.e. Amish), while others are very loose and teach universalism (everyone is going to heaven).  They are constantly calling people by way of the internet, radio and television. Millions of people are attracted to them because they use the Bible and claim allegiance to God. But it is only another ploy of the devil as he gathers victims into his snare.
The call of sensual lust. The devil is calling each of us by way of movies, television, music videos into sexual sins. Many are running like a chicken with his head cut off straight into this trap. He just keeps calling, and calling, and calling day after day knowing that many will come. Are you answering the call of the devil??
The call of God. But God is also calling men. He is calling with the truth of the Gospel. God calls people into the life that will lead people to heaven. It is the life of spiritual and moral purity. It will lead us away from worldly ambition, man-made doctrines and sensual lust.  God and the devil are both calling us—to which call will we heed??
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