Who Are You Promoting? - R.Earl

Blogs, such as this one, are common. In fact, perhaps thousands of blogs by brethren of the Lord’s church exist today. Numerous writers contribute and write on various subjects. Thus, over time authors gain “followers” who subscribe and “follow” them.  No doubt there are many bloggers in the brotherhood who provide sound and encouraging material week after week.
However, there are those who are followed because their ideas are different, writers who only search for something “new” to discuss or write about (Acts 17:21). Sadly, some are more concerned with commercializing their “brand”, instead of promoting sound Bible truths. Thus, they gain followers who not only read their flawed writings week after week but followers who also promote such commercial minded individuals and their flawed ideas.
It seems many are promoting & sharing materials by those who are teaching things that are not just “different” but are completely contrary to God’s Word. Sadly, some only read and promote the writings of some individuals because they are “well known” in the brotherhood and not because of any sound teaching. Everyone would do well to compare any writing with God’s Word (Acts 17:11).
When sharing, and promoting articles and their authors online and elsewhere one must consider what they are sharing and why. Are you sharing something because it is truth or are you sharing and promoting something simply because a “well known” brother has written the article? Sadly, some have promoted writings of some “well known” brethren and in doing so have also promoted false teachings.
Let us be encouraged to promote and share sound doctrine and remember by doing so we promote the person who deserves it the most, Christ.
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