Hosts & Writers

Russ Earl

BibleWayMedia Coordinator, Podcast host, blog contributor

Russ grew up in central Arkansas. He attended the Bible Institute of Missouri from August of 2006 through July of 2008. Russell was baptized in August of 2003 after he was converted from a denominational background. Lisa has been a Christian since 2000. They were married in September of 2004 and have a daughter, Chloe Jo. Russell has been actively involved in church work since he became a Christian. Recently he preached for the Lord’s church in Dillon, SC. He has also served as an instructor at the Central Carolina School of Preaching. He also serves as an instructor with the Online Academy of Biblical Studies. He serves as the evangelist for the Oologah church of Christ and the coordinator of Bible Way Media.
Russ is the host for several podcasts: Family Matters, Working Through the Scriptures, BibleWay Devotionals & God and You . Russ also is the writer/meme creator of Moose Thoughts.

Landon Rowell

Podcast Host

Landon Rowell is a graduate (2005) of the Brown Trail School of Preaching (BTSOP) and President of the BTSOP Alumni Association.  He has many interests such as: family, sports, and painting.  His greatest passion is studying God's Word and presenting that Word to others.  If you have any questions concerning the Bible, God's Word, he would be more than willing to discuss those questions.  You may also go and check out his website "A Gospel Preacher's Perspective" where you can find sermon outlines and many different articles such as his series on "What Is The Church Of Christ."
Landon serves as the evangelist for the Ramona church of Christ.
Landon is the host for the radio podcast: "Kids Bible Minute"

Corey Johnson

podcast host

Corey serves as the evangelist for the Allen church of Christ in Allen, OK.
Corey is the host for the radio podcast: "In the Days of Your Youth"

Roy Knight

Podcast host

Roy Knight is the full time preacher for the St. George church of Christ in St. George, South Carolina. He has been there for the past 20 years. Roy is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University where he received a Masters of Ministry degree. He is also a graduate of the East Tennessee School of Preaching currently known as the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies in Knoxville, Tennessee. Roy is the husband of Kimberly Knight. They have been married for 18 wonderful years. They have three sons: 16, 13 & 4. Roy is the host of "The Christian Gentleman" podcast.

Joshua Ortiz

podcast host

Joshua is the evangelist for the church of Christ in Lebanon,MO. He is the host of the "College Days" podcast.

Mike Roberts

podcast host

Mike is a retired cowboy and a graduate of the Brown trail School of Preaching. He is the pulpit preacher for the Porter church of Christ in Porter Oklahoma. He’s been an active member of the Lord’s body for roughly 39+ years, teaching Old and New Testament Bible Credit Courses since he was 17 years old to JH and HS students. He has a BA of Biblical Studies, BS of Management Communication and a MA in Biblical Education, MS in Ministerial Leadership, M Div in Ministerial Leadership. He is currently working on his D Min in Ministerial Leadership.  Among other things he’s hosted numerous home Bible studies and been a participant in many door knocking campaigns throughout the years. He has preached in Gospel meetings in Texas, Oklahoma, and South Africa.  
He’s been a part of several congregations across the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex and Fairfield, Texas. He has been the pulpit preacher at Porter since March, 2013 and moved up to Oklahoma with his family in June of 2013. He and Terri, his wife of 30 years still own a cattle ranch in Teague, TX and have two grown children- Jessica is in Sales, who has moved up with them and Roman, currently living in San Antonio, TX.
Mike hosts the "Bible Basics" podcast that airs on Wednesdays.  Porter church of Christ, porter, OK

Matthew Koontz

podcast host

Matthew J. Koontz serves as one of the High School Youth Bible class teachers for Kansas Expressway church of Christ in Springfield, Missouri.  He also produces a podcast called “White Picket Fences” related to his Christian beliefs geared toward children.   Matthew received his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Missouri S&T, formally known as Missouri University of Science and Technology. He has been in the engineering field for 10 years. He and his wife, Jennifer, have been married for 17 years. Matthew and Jennifer have three daughters, and two sons.

Brandon Hall

podcast host

Brandon is the evangelist for the church of Christ in Belle, MO. He is the host of the "1st Century Truths in a 21st Century World" podcast.

Zachary Hall

podcast host

Zachary is the evangelist for the church of Christ in Vienna, MO. He is the host of the "What does the Bible Say" podcast.

Trey Sullins

podcast host

Trey is the evangelist for the church of Christ in Omaha, AR.  He is the host of the "Prepared for the Lord's Day" podcast.

Cory Orr

podcast host

Cory is the evangelist for the church of Christ in Bona, MO.  He is the host of the "Bona Bible Studies" podcast.

Don Boyd

podcast host

Don is the evangelist for the church of Christ in Blue Springs, MO.  He is the host of the "Opening the Scriptures" podcast.

Jessie Dickison

podcast host

Jesse is the evangelist for the church of Christ in Sapulpa,OK.  He is the host of the "Studies in the Scriptures" podcast.

Host of our Ladies Podcasts

Tracy Frederick

podcast host

Tracy is the host of the "For This I Bow My Knees" podcast.

Kristin Rowell

podcast host

Kristin is married to Landon Rowell. He has been preaching since 2005, and has served at Hydro, OK and Ramona, OK. Kristin enjoys teaching children’s bible class and homeschooling her twins. She and her husband currently live in Ramona, OK where they attend the Ramona church of Christ. Kristin hosts the "Contending for the Crown" podcast for ladies. Kristin hosts the "Contending for the Crown" podcast for ladies on Tuesdays.

Nancy Goring

podcast host

Nancy has been a Preacher's wife for 46 years. Nancy has written 2 books "Behavior Becoming Godliness," a study of Titus 2:3-5 and "Rising Above Our Self-Imposed Prisons." (Both are ladies Bible class study books). Nancy writes for The Gospel Journal, "A Woman's Perspective."  (3-4 months per year). Has written 2 tracts published by 39th Street, "Woman to Woman" - Does God Have A Role For Me?"  And "Woman to Woman" - "Free To Be Me." Nancy lives in Lee's Summit, MO and worship with the saints at the Chipman Road church of Christ, where her husband has served as the local evangelist for almost 35 years and he currently serves as one of the elders. Nancy hosts the "A Wise & Faithful Woman" podcast for ladies on Wednesdays.

Lisa Earl

podcast host

Lisa is the wife of Russ Earl (the director of BibleWayMedia, podcast host, etc). Lisa is the host of "Diligent Teacher" for ladies on Thursdays.

Leah Thrasher

podcast host

Leah is the wife of Trent Thrasher  (the IT director of Leah is the host of "Think on These Things" for ladies on Saturdays.

Luvenia Jenkins

podcast host

Luvenia is the wife of Eugene Jenkins. Together the do mission trips to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and also do campaigns in the U.S.
Luvenia is the host of "A Taste of God's Goodness" a podcast for ladies on Fridays.

Writers for our Blog

Our blog writers include Toney Smith (Rendon, TX) and Richard Massey (Weatherford, TX). Russ and others also write for the blog at various times.