Our Story

How it all started...

Bible Way Media began in April of 2015 as "Oologah Radio" but changed names in October of 2016. The church of Christ at Oologah had the desire to create a way to reach out to the world with the spoken word. We began working with "The Gospel Radio Network" by broadcasting a weekly LIVE radio program. Shortly after we began looking at a way to provide a short weekly program designed to encourage. We began podcasting with the "Exhortations" podcast (now archived). Bible Way Media has since grown to twenty-two podcasts and one radio broadcast and reaches a weekly audience of over 100,000 (Sept 2019) and is still growing.

Where we go from here
As our listener base continues to grow, we pray to have the ability to continue to move forward.
We change our programs from time to time by adding new podcasts and archiving those that have completed their designed material. We strive to keep programs that cover topics that Christians face today.

We are constantly looking for new, effective & scriptural ways to reach out to the world with the gospel.

BibleWay Media is overseen by the Oologah church of Christ.